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The Great American Pony Drive

The Great American Pony Drive is the only MCA Chartered Driving Club. We were formed to promote driving events with America’s favorite Pony Car and members from all over the world. We are the only Mustang club that actively interacts with Mustang clubs all over the US, working with each to plan activities for the members of each club while we are visiting their area. The success of Pony Drives each year can be directly attributed to this participation with the other clubs and Mustang businesses.

Welcome To The New Site!

Update as of 04/19/2014
Now that things are winding down, I can start to work on a few of the glitches we encountered. This turned out to be a lot bigger undertaking than I had anticipated, especially since I wound up leading the MCA's Norman-Charlotte group. I did not have the time I needed to address some of the problems we encountered and some of you are missing items from your Goodie Box or may have gotten the wrong sizes. Yesterday, we totally ran out of M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL shirts, hats, pins, windshield banners are at 2, patches dwindling, and decals still strong! That was 700 shirts we went thru! I am looking into re-ordering many of the popular items to make sure those that ordered them receive them and those that could not get the items, can still order them, once I have some inventory again. I am finding that a lot of ID cards that were mailed did not get to the right place and some just were missing. If you did not get the ID card, please let me know, as I can still order these and will mail them out as soon as I can get the replacements. No one will not get what they ordered, unless it's something just not available, and for those, you'll get a refund for whatever we cannot get to you. We may even have an alternate item, should you choose that instead. Please be a little patient, as it's only myself handling all of this. I will be in Las Vegas in 2 weeks (for a week) for a wedding, but I will tackle everything as soon as I get back. I would like to thank all of you for participating and supporting the Pony Drive. I hope all of you had a great time. This was not our usual Pony Drive, as we do back roads, take our time, visit a lot of places and sightsee along the way. If you did enjoy this trip, you'd really enjoy our more leisurely events. Hope to see a lot of you in the future. Please send me an email if you are missing anything or need any adjustments. Thank you.
Update as of 04/12/2014
Paper registrations are being taken by your closest route leader. 

Please print and complete the registration form, write a check or money order for $65 made payable to: The Great American Pony Drive.

For Extras:

We still have items left, but NPD is out of many items.

See David Turnbull from Norman, OK to Charlotte, NC

Update as of 04/06/2014
We want you to share your experiences along your pony drive!  To post your Pony Drive pictures instantly,

1) Email your picture(s) to wash28dibs@photos.flickr.com.
2) In the subject line, please enter the caption/title of your picture, a space then a tag to help catalog your pictures,
    enter the phrase "tags: YourCityName" with no spaces.

    Subject Line example:  Chain of Rock Bridge tags: GraniteCity

3) Your uploaded picture(s) will initially appear here, https://www.flickr.com/photos/gapd50/ and available for the world to see!  Each evening on the drive, a few of us will be moving your pictures to the appropriate set to catalog your pictures.  After we've cataloged your picture will appear at this address https://www.flickr.com/photos/gapd50/sets/

Happy Posting!
Update as of 03/28/2014
If you registered for the Great American Pony Drive, your goody box will be mailed to your home.  If we believe the goody box will not arrive at your home in time, we will drop ship the goody box to one of the host hotels to pick up along the way.

FROM MCA- If you registered for the MCA Mustang 50th Pony Drive, your goody box will be available at the NCED Center in Norman, OK.  If you are meeting up with the MCA Mustang 50th Pony Drive in one of the host cities, we will be mailing your goody bag.  In the event that we are unable to mail the goody bags, they will then be available at one of the host hotels in each city.  We will be sending updates on a more regular basis. For any questions regarding MCA registration, please contact them directly, as we do not have any information regarding their registrations. http://www.mustang50thbirthdaycelebration.com/ponydrive/index.html
Update as of 03/20/2014
Just a reminder- there is no cut-off for registering for the Great American Pony Drive 50 routes. We are accepting people right up to joining us en-route.  We will have some of the Goodie Boxes along with us, but if we run out along the way, there will be more waiting at Norman, Charlotte & Las Vegas. The big advantage to all of you that register early, is that we're mailing them out so you'll have everything before you even leave home. NPD is about done with all the mailings, but with the numbers so far, we're running out of t-shirts again. So far, we've ordered 450 and will order more today. If you get a box missing any of the t-shirts, they will be mailed as soon as the next batch arrives. We are also running low on hats, so same applies here. Thank all of you for registering and I know you will have a lot of fun. More plans are being finalized for the stops and every day, we add these activities to our schedules and Kathy has been rather busy, trying to keep the website updated.  Go here to see route details, the registration page, and merchandise order page.

The Great American Pony Drive 50

Next April, we will have the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest car-related events in American automotive history, but then, if you own a Mustang, you already know that!

A lot of activities are being planned for the Mustang 50th, in addition to the major shows. One of these is the Pony Drives to Norman and then to Las Vegas and Charlotte.  The Great American Pony Drive has been working with MCA on the planning to get as many people that want to join us, to these planned events.

Due to the magnitude of planning involved, these have been divided into 2 portions, complimenting each other. The Great American Pony Drive has been tasked to get people from Seattle, Boston, Sacramento, LA, Richmond, Dearborn and Jacksonville, and many parts in-between, to the Norman activities. MCA is coordinating the groups heading out of Norman, to the shows.  Because of the huge amount of planning involved, this has worked out to be the best way to plan the Pony Drives, as the amount of time involved has consumed over a year already.  Since there will be even more leaving Norman as a larger group, MCA has the people stationed along the way to assist with these large numbers.

We have already been notified by a lot of people that they will head to Norman as their starting point, further adding to those larger numbers.  But also remember, the more Mustangs we have, the bigger the party! And this one really promises to be bigger than we can all imagine.

Because of the 2 portions, there are also separate registrations for each. Each segment has its own associated costs and these registrations will help cover those costs.  Each Pony Drive will also have its own unique Goodie Box.  They will have unique items that everyone will want to have as a commemoration of this event. We feel that everyone will like what we are planning for those items.

For those that are planning on joining before Norman, you can find the registration form and hotel information at: www.ponydrive.us For those joining at Norman, the MCA site is: http://www.mustang50thbirthdaycelebration.com/.

On the MCA site, you can also register for the Norman activities as well as either Las Vegas or Charlotte and the hotels in those areas.  For any additional information, please contact me at: Organizer1@ponydrive.us.

Pony Drive Organizer David Turnbull
Phone 954-849-4999
Email organizer1@ponydrive.us



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